Drama Movie Comedy , Romance , Thailand: "Lovey Dovey Engsub 2016" full set 14 episodes high quality full hd , vietsub overs Online .
Lovey Dovey Engsub Adoption of a famous novel, based on two stories of the novel: "Lovey Brother" and "Dovey Sister".
based on the popular animated comic "Love The Dao Hoa" with the participation of Chutavuth Pattarakhampol March. Namcha, Bie KPN, Pearwah Nichaphat. The film tells about the complex relationship of two brothers and two sisters Kongfah (Bie) Daonua brother (March) and Kookkay (Namcha) sister Khayoan (Pearwah). Daonua Kookkay secretly liked since I was in Grade 8 but Kookkay was a close friend of his brother.
Daonua once confessed to being Kookkay Kookkay but refused, making him feel self-love young people, but not so that His love faded, back to the opposite Kongfah Kookkay sister. 4 people relationship becomes more complicated when you have misunderstood Kookkay overnight with Daonua .. The story of 4 young people will be like invite you to watch "Lovey Dovey Engsub".
Lovey Dovey Engsub 2016 revolves around two pairs of brothers and sisters and love each other near the house. Knowing the bad, the black heart of it already but the last several turned to love. When love arises between two neighbor siblings did everything becomes polymerization and extremely interesting. He then hit me love at first sight of her sister and determination to change themselves in order to mature over the hearts fallin for that sister. Brother shall be enslaved by the cuteness and her lovely children ...
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