Unique cuisines of Mekong Delta. Mekong Delta is a place with an imprint of people and culture. That is characterized by dishes here. Let’s find out together. Unique cuisines of Mekong Delta. Feel fed up with complicated, fussy and grease dishes? So, why don’t you take a cruise trip along the Mekong River to discover many different dishes which are simple but quite exotic! It is interesting to know that the cuisine of the Mekong Delta reflects characteristics of locals here. It is believed that food in the watery region must meet three basic qualities: attractive, delicious, and good for health. When cooking, the locals often consider the foods that are good for health as top priority. During many culinary tours to Mekong Delta, you will be introduced which meal is good for kidney, for bone, for heart and so on. Thanks to the seasonal menu, the gastronomy here makes sure the high standards of aesthetics, diversity, and healthy. The following are some of the unique and unusual foods in Mekong Delta you should add to your bucket list!

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